If you want some weeding work done in and around Doncaster then please give me a call on 07925 648470  I will do a fast and efficient job of removing weeds that are in the wrong place and help to transform your garden or outdoor space.  Even if you’ve got weeds in a patio or paving I can also help.

Weeds are unsightly and so I can offer a service for weeding paved areas, grassy areas(lawns etc.) and borders.  I can use manual work or chemicals to deal with unsightly weeds and ensure your lawn and space look superb!

Oh, and I’m fully qualified for spraying chemicals too with my PA1 and PA6 pesticide and herbicide qualifications so you can be assured that I will use the best approach to your garden.

Give me a call on 07925 648470 and I’ll do all I can to help.